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Pictures: Church in the Philippines – October 2015

Pictures: Church in the Philippines – October 2015

Brothers and sisters from the church site in the Philippines shared with us these pictures of the services that were held between October 16th and 18th, 2015, which was a cause for great joy for the congregation, as the services brought many blessings to the believers.

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~ A sister testifies that she was born with a disease in her ovaries, which was diagnosed when she reached her teenage years. Her ovaries had dried. As a result, doctors put her on a hormonal treatment for life. In addition, this sister was told that she would not be able to have children. When sister met the Church of God Ministry of Jesus Christ in the Philippines, the Lord told her in prophecy that she should not be concerned over what medical science had stated regarding her illness, because He would be healing her and He would allow her to have children. The Lord also told her that He would shock the doctors. Upon hearing this, she was very touched because no one in Church knew her and she had not even shared anything about her illness with her family members. After a few months, sister says that she forgot to take her hormonal treatment and she went three weeks without taking it. When her monthly check-up came up, the doctor was very surprised on account that she presented no symptoms of hormonal deficits. When she underwent an ultrasound, the doctor could not believe that one of her ovaries seemed completely healed and was even producing hormones. Later on, they discovered that she was ovulating. Now this sister shares that she is no longer on any hormonal treatments; she will be able to have children in the future and testified with much emotion to give the glory and honor to our God.

~ Another sister testifies that her mother has always been very sick and has battled with depression. Sister always prayed for her mother and the Lord told her in prophecy that He had heard her prayers for that loved one. He told her that she had to be very detailed in prayer because God was going to listen to her and He would work on that loved one sooner than what she imagined. And so, sister received news that her mother had cancer. She went to visit her mother at the hospital, which was located on another island. Sister prayed to the Lord, including many details—just as the Lord told her in prophecy. She had learned during the Bible studies that in cases of emergencies, we can lay hands on our family members; therefore, sister asked the Lord to support her when laying hands to her mother. The next day (and to the surprise of both the doctors and our sister), her mother woke fully healed without cancer. The Lord took action sooner than what sister had imagined, and she testified to give the honor and glory to our God.