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Some Fundamental Topics

On the Doctrine of the Church of God Ministry of Jesus Christ International


The Church of God Ministry of Jesus Christ International (CGMJCI, hereafter) was born in 1972 as a Christian Church, practitioner of the Bible, led by the Holy Spirit, in which spiritual gifts manifest themselves—especially the gift of prophecy.

In the first prophecy given by the Holy Spirit through Sister Maria Luisa Piraquive,—which took place in 1972—to her then-husband Luis Eduardo Moreno, God made, among others, the following promises:

“I will make this small fold into a great nation where I will manifest myself. I will bring prosperity; I will bring souls; I will teach you the doctrine and I will use you, give you all the spiritual gifts and will support you, I will increase my people greatly all over the world; I will raise it up. I, myself will lead and govern the church.”

“Anywhere a sincere soul can be found, I will take them out of those places and bring them to this place. I will give life, peace, joy and happiness in abundance to all those sheep. Some will wish to join you, to establish contact with you and My Church.

“Whoever goes into My Church will be financially and spiritually blessed. Many people will convert and will respect My Church. I will teach you My doctrine, My way of salvation; I will give you revelations and support your words.

“My Spirit will guide you, and teach you all things.”

Since then unto our present day, all these promises are being continuously fulfilled; people have had the opportunity to hear God through the gift of prophecy, along with the beautiful experiences He gives to lead them; in addition to visions, dreams, God’s revelations, and the gift of discernment.

The Bible states in 2 Corinthians 3:17where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty, and this verse is fulfilled in Church, because those who attend can confirm that it is God Himself who makes an impact on their lives, rather than men. Therefore, there is no pressure, no one is chased, no one is forced. Instead, with liberty, on a volunteer basis, step by step with reverence, love towards God and fear of God, the Lord Himself starts doing His work in each believer; He teaches each person, writes His commandments on each person’s hearts, which gives way to many blessings, and the person who believes starts living a new life.

Those who attend the CGMJCI enjoy God’s power in their hearts. They change and start leading a new life. They are transformed away from their vices and faults. They have been blessed in the material areas of their lives. Nonetheless, the main blessing is that they are filled with joy, trust, gladness, and peace, which only God can grant.

After over four decades of enjoying this manifestation, it is wonderful to witness the growth of the Church. To date, there are almost 1000 church sites worldwide, in which hundreds of thousands of people enjoy the complete Gospel, the kingdom of heaven, the living God who leads His people.


The Existence of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit
The Bible as the Written Word of God
Existence and Value of the Ministry Called and Chosen by God
The Role of Women in the Church
A Universal Church for All
Baptism in Water
Baptism with the Holy Spirit
Spiritual Gifts and Laying on of Hands
The Gift of Prophecy
Change of Life
Resurrection, not Reincarnation
The Blessing of Eternal Life

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