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Inauguration of the new location in Keflavík, Iceland

Inauguration of the new location in Keflavík, Iceland

On November 16th, another milestone was achieved in the Church as a new location was inaugurated in Keflavík, Iceland. For many brothers and sisters in the region, this new blessing is joined along with a sense of relief.

Before the inauguration of this new Church, several families made the trek to the nearest city where the Church is located at in Reykjavík on a frequent basis.  The government of Iceland assists many residents with free public transportation within the municipalities but it is usually difficult to find reliable transportation between cities and towns.  When the brothers and sisters would travel to Reykjavík, it would be a grueling one hour trip to the capital city as they would travel through treacherous arctic weather. In the most severe of storms, travel would be forced to a crawl, and at times for safety, they would be closed off to any transportation.

Another sense of relief would be the scheduling.  The schedule of services from the Church in Reykjavík didn’t coincide with the free time for most brothers and sisters in Keflavík.  With this new location, they are able to take advantage of the 15 minute trip to Church through Iceland’s free public transportation system.

Countries that are represented at the new location in Keflavík are people from Colombia, Iceland, Nigeria, Portugal, Angola, Iran, Brazil and the Philippines.  Services are held in Spanish with simultaneous interpretation into English and Icelandic.  For the almost 20 brothers and sisters that congregate at this new location, they can count on the opportunity to attend the Church through Teaching, Worship or Bible Study Services.  There, they can sing to God, participate in teachings and get a chance to experience further blessings as the Spiritual Gifts are ministered.  Over 18 months ago, Sister Maria Luisa shared that the country of Iceland will see more locations open up and here we see the fulfillment of God’s promises.

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