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‘Experiences’ Is Now Available in E-book Form

‘Experiences’ Is Now Available in E-book Form

Experiences is a book by Sister Maria Luisa Piraquive in which she details from a historical point of view, the early stages of the Church of God Ministry of Jesus Christ International, as well as events of her personal and family life, is now available in E-book form for Android, iOS, Mac, and PC, using the Kindle Reader app.

Find the e-book on Amazon here.


The book Experiences outlines multiple events related to the love of He who created everything that exists, her unrelenting decades-long quest and the manifestation of the living God throughout that time. Within the pages of this book, the author pours out her heart, in which she highlights teachings of the Prince of life and a constant invitation to endure in the path of the Lord.

The generosity of its contents, immense and rich in doctrine, enables us into the knowledge of God; encourages us to be steadfast in the Lord; strengthens our faith, and plants us like great leafy trees in the Universal Church of Jesus Christ.


How to purchase and read the Experiences e-book (Step by step)

1. Go to

Click on this link:

Or search “Experiences Maria Luisa Piraquive”.


2. Buy

Click on “One-click buy”

You must have an Amazon account and a valid credit card registered.

Other payment options, include Amazon gift cards.


3. Install the Kindle Reader App

To read the Experiences e-book, you must download the Kindle Reader app, one of the most used apps to read digital books around the world.

It is available for the following devices and OS: