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Testimony in Shanghai, China (December 2018)

Before coming to Church, the brother had some difficulties for which he could not finish high school and felt very sad because he hadn’t been able to continue studying, nor attending college. On one occasion he went with a friend to a university in London and felt sadness in his heart because he wanted to attend college. That day he went to the Church of God Ministry of Jesus Christ International in London and God told him not to belittle himself and leave everything in His hands; He would indicate when, where and how it had to be. The brother kept that promise in his heart since 2012 until early in 2018, when in the Church of Madrid, in prophecy God told him to be diligent and search for scholarships in the embassies of several countries, but He didn’t mention which country, therefore, the brother applied to scholarships in many countries. Later, after the worship service, a sister talked to him saying that God told her to mention the word ‘Shanghai’ to the brother, and he understood that he should apply for scholarships in Shanghai and he did; the scholarship in Shanghai was approved and the other applications were denied. He gives the glory and the honor to the Lord for allowing him to access higher education studies for free.