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Testimony in Kitchener, Ontario (Canada) – October 2016

God told our brother in prophecy that He would provide financial support. At the start of summer, he started applying in various places to find a job, but did not get any callbacks, despite the fact that in situations in the past, he had been able to secure employment with renowned companies. This brother felt confused because he was ultimately unable to find a job during the summer. God comforted him in prophecy and told him that what would eventually happen was something he had neither planned for, nor what he desired, but that blessings would come as a result of this situation.

He had the opportunity to read the Bible, watch Bible studies, teaching services, and testimonies. He was worried about securing the financial means to pay for tuition. Therefore, he applied for scholarships but it was not enough to pay for the entire semester. Hence, he applied for a scholarship, but he was asked as to why he was submitting an application given the fact that he had already been granted the scholarship. In addition to that, God bless our brother by awakening a spiritual gift during this waiting period.