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Testimonies in the United States – June 2017

First testimony: A brother testified that God spoke to Him in detail regarding what He was asking Him on his knees; the Lord answered his prayers through prophecy concerning a specific person attending to the Church. God used prophecy to bring comfort to this brother by making him several promises. He testified that God fulfilled all of these promises shortly thereafter, especially that God fulfilled His promise regarding the person he prayed for.

Second testimony: A sister testified that when she first started attending Church, she was not entirely convinced that the Lord was the One speaking through prophecy. She felt that what He was saying to her did not pertain to her life and she would therefore, disregard those promises. Recently she reviewed her notes since for years, anytime she would receive prophecy, she would write everything down, only to find out that our Lord had told her that although she did not fully believe, she should pay attention to His words, which led her to realize that the One speaking through prophecy is in fact God Himself.