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Testimonies from Hialeah, Florida, USA (May, 2019)

God performed a miracle with an envelope full of money:

A sister at the English Service testified that she had problems paying her car and they were about to repossess her car. She prayed to the Lord and the Lord in prophecy told her that she would be receiving money and that with this money she would be able to buy a car. And so, a former client gave her an envelope full of money and told her that it was for her to buy something for herself. God surprised her, she couldn’t believe it and she testified to give the honor and the glory to the Lord.

God delivered and healed a sister with cancer:

A sister testified about the way God delivered her through the prayer conducted by Sister Maria Luisa during a Bible study, she also testified that she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She stated that at that moment she remembered Sister Maria Luisa very much and had her teachings and words in mind, especially when Sister Maria Luisa said that when problems come our way, it is because there is a bless

ing from God for us. Moreover, the Lord told her through prophecy not to worry for He would give her triumph and victory. By the third surgery she underwent, she was completely healed from cancer and didn’t need chemotherapy or radiotherapy. All of which she testified to extol the wonderful works of God.