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Upcoming Services

New Address to the Church in Tokyo, Japan (Starting on July 7, 2019) 日本の東京の教会の場所(2019年7月7日~)

7 June, 2019 |

東京都文京区湯島3-35-9 3F Yushima 3-35-9 3F, Bunkyo-Ku, Tokyo

CONTACTO (08033022378)

アクセスAccess: 御徒町駅(JR 山手線・京浜東北線) 北口 徒歩4分 JR Okachimachi station exit nort 4-minute walk 湯島駅(東京メトロ千代田線) 4番出口 徒歩1分 Yushima station (Chiyoda line) exit 4 1-minute walk 上野広小路駅(東京メトロ銀座線) A4出口 徒歩2分 Ueno Hirokoji station (Ginza line) exit 4 2-minute walk 上野御徒町駅(都営大江戸線) A4出口 徒歩2分 Ueno … Read More

Temporary Location for Church in Antioch, Tennessee, USA

3 June, 2019 |

Be advised that starting on Monday, June 3, 2019, the church that was located in Antioch, Tennessee, will temporarily move to the following location, until further notice:


Kidsville Childcare Dev. Center Barrington Christian Academy (BCA Nashville)

3010 Tuggle Avenue … Read More

Notice: The Church in Attleboro Will Move to Providence, Rhode Island, USA

30 May, 2019 |

To all brothers and sisters who congregate in the church located in Attleboro, be advised that on June 10 will move permanently to Providence, state of Rhode Island, to the following address:


Hotel Hilton Providence 21 Atwells Ave, Providence, … Read More

Notice for the Church in Götzis, Vorarlberg, Austria (May 5, 2019)

2 May, 2019 |

Be advised that next Sunday, May 5, 2019, the church in Götzis, Vorarlberg, Austria, will have no service due to last-minute changes in availability at the location where the church gathers.

Read More

Notice: Church in Manhattan, New York, USA

24 April, 2019 |

Be advised that the church in Manhattan, New York, USA, will not open for its regular Sunday service on April 28, 2019, due to space constraints in the building where the Church normally gathers.

Moreover, starting on Sunday, May 5, … Read More

Temporary Location for the Church in Tokyo, Japan (May 11 through June 30, 2019) – 日本の東京の教会の場所(5月11日~6月30日)

18 April, 2019 |

東京都台東区東上野3-37-9 かみちビル 5階 RoomA
Kamichi Building 5F Room A, Higashiueno 3-37-9 Taito-ku, Tokyo

Yayoike restaurant is located in the first floor of the building where the church is. Read More