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Testimony in Elizabeth, New Jersey, USA (May, 2018)

9 May, 2018 |

A brother testified that, before he ever came to Church, he was involved in a serious car accident which paralyzed him from the waist down. After several surgeries and implants, he was able to recover because his foot had completely detached … Read More

Testimony from Cameroon, Africa – April 2018

12 April, 2018 |

A brother testified about the many changes God performed in his life, namely, the Lord has delivered him from various errors he was committing and has also granted him peace, which has allowed him to sleep—something he could not do … Read More

Testimony from Elizabeth, New Jersey, USA (January, 2018)

5 January, 2018 |

A sister testified that her husband was diagnosed with several serious diseases to which she was unknowingly exposed for several years, yet the Lord prevented the diseases to cause her any harm. She also testified that she received the baptism … Read More

Testimony from Margate, Florida – USA

2 January, 2018 |

A brother testified that the Lord gave him an experience through God healed him from internal bleeding in his chest, which prevented him from having to undergo a risky open-heart surgery. God healed him without a need for a doctor … Read More

Testimonies from the church in Elizabeth, NJ – USA (June, 2017)

8 June, 2017 |

During the first English service that was officiated in Elizabeth, New Jersey, several brothers and sisters testified about promises the Lord had made them many years ago, which He fulfilled.

Testimony 1: A sister testified that the Lord had promised … Read More

Testimonies in the United States – June 2017

3 June, 2017 |

First testimony: A brother testified that God spoke to Him in detail regarding what He was asking Him on his knees; the Lord answered his prayers through prophecy concerning a specific person attending to the Church. God used prophecy to bring comfort to this brother by making him several promises. … Read More