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Si usted pertenece a la iglesia y reside en alguno de los siguientes países: Finlandia, Indonesia, Andorra, Ucrania, Marruecos, Polonia, Singapur, Azerbaiyán, Hungría or Irlanda. Haga clic aquí
If you belong to the church and live in one of these countries: Finland, Indonesia, Andorra, Ukraine, Morocco, Poland, Singapore, Azerbaijan, Hungary or Ireland. Please click here

Testimonies from the Church in North Bucaramanga, Colombia (March 2016)

15 April, 2016 |

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Testimony 1: A sister testifies that she had a very difficult goal to accomplish at work and was told by her colleagues that she would be unable to achieve it. However, … Read More

Inauguration of the Church in Weston, Florida – USA

14 April, 2016 |

The inauguration of the Church property in Weston, Florida (U.S.) took place on Saturday April 9, 2016. The sanctuary has a capacity for 850 brothers and sisters; it includes: a baptistery, spacious parking lots, bathrooms, interpretation rooms and an auxiliary … Read More

Photos: CGMJI visits Vitoria Gasteiz – Alava providence, Basque Country (April, 2016)

13 April, 2016 |

Photos of the Church’s visit on April 2016 to the providence of Alaba in the north of Spain, Basque Country.

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