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Testimonies from the church in Elizabeth, NJ – USA (June, 2017)

8 June, 2017 |

During the first English service that was officiated in Elizabeth, New Jersey, several brothers and sisters testified about promises the Lord had made them many years ago, which He fulfilled.

Testimony 1: A sister testified that the Lord had promised … Read More

Testimonies in the United States – June 2017

3 June, 2017 |

First testimony: A brother testified that God spoke to Him in detail regarding what He was asking Him on his knees; the Lord answered his prayers through prophecy concerning a specific person attending to the Church. God used prophecy to bring comfort to this brother by making him several promises. … Read More

Testimonies from the Church in Salamina, Caldas, Colombia

22 November, 2016 |

First testimony

A brother testified about the way in which God protected him after he suffered a stroke. Half of his body was left paralyzed, however, less than 24 hours later, God gave him back all his physical abilities.

Second … Read More

Testimonies in India – October 2016

21 November, 2016 |

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During the Church’s latest visit to India, several brothers and sisters shared the experiences God granted them after worshiping the Lord.

Among them, a sister testified that God took away severe pain she had been feeling … Read More

Testimony in Kitchener, Ontario (Canada) – October 2016

15 November, 2016 |

God told our brother in prophecy that He would provide financial support. At the start of summer, he started applying in various places to find a job, but did not get any callbacks, despite the fact that in situations in … Read More

Testimony From The Church Site in Cali, Colombia – August 2016

27 October, 2016 |

A brother testified that God told him in prophecy to be very strong because the enemy wanted to haunt his life. God also told him that he would be really sick with an incurable disease, but that at that moment … Read More