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Testimony from Cameroon, Africa – April 2018

A brother testified about the many changes God performed in his life, namely, the Lord has delivered him from various errors he was committing and has also granted him peace, which has allowed him to sleep—something he could not do previously.


I want to thank our sister Maria Luisa for the wonderful works God has been using her to do in the Church of God Ministry of Jesus Christ International here in Cameroon. I want to give my testimony about the wonderful things God has been doing in my life here in Cameroon, using her.

Before I came to the Church, I had so many spirits in me. For example, the spirit of stealing, lies-telling, I was addicted with alcohol, and many others. But when I came to Church, God spoke to me and make me wonderful promises. Among the promises, He said He would transform my life. As the days go by, He has been transforming my life and now I’m free, I have peace. Even before I could not sleep because the things I was doing were always following me—I could not sleep. The people I hurt were always behind me, so I could not sleep, but today, I can sleep very well. I have peace; there’s no one who can accuse me for anything I have done. This I testify to give glory and honor to God.