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Testimonies in Villavicencio and Popayan Colombia – June 2016

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Testimony From the Church Site in San Marcos, Villavicencio (Colombia)

A sister testified that the Lord had told her that she should prepare because difficult moments would come; that her daughter would be in critical condition and would be declared dead. God told her that whenever this occurred she had to be strong and pray to Him. God also told her that He would manifest Himself and surprise the doctors. Time after that, her daughter was in fact declared dead at the hospital. When she found out, she asked to be taken where her daughter was. She did what the Lord told her and laid hands on her daughter. The sisters’ daughter opened her eyes and came back to life.

Testimony From the Church Site in South Popayan, Colombia

A sister testified that she fell victim to an illness called lupus, which deteriorates the person’s vital organs, like the liver, lungs, bones and skin. In addition, one of her legs was at risk of being amputated. Therefore, she was taken admitted to the Intensive Care Unit at the hospital. The doctors said she only had two weeks to a month to live. Her illness was categorized as the second most serious case of lupus in Colombia, which is why she was transferred to Bogota (the capital of Colombia). There, specialists visited her from countries such as India, England, Cuba and other countries, because they were astonished to see why there was still life in her, and she testified to them about the Lord. In dreams, God would comfort her with our sister Maria Luisa, who gave her a lot of encouragement to continue trusting in the Lord. God began to fulfill His promises and began to work many miracles in her. God healed her and now He has given her the baptism with the Holy Spirit. She is now aware that due to the miracle that God performed in her, some of the specialists that knew her case and were atheists—they did not believe in God—have visited the church in the neighborhood of Las Ferias in Bogota, Colombia. May the Glory be to the Lord.