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Testimonies in Atlanta, Georgia, USA (August 2019)

Testimony 1:
The Lord said to a brother who is a professional basketball player in the United States that He would not let his name be tarnished, and he stated that God has always protected him. He also testified that He has been learning about the things of the Lord and during a flight, there was a documentary about a celebrity who sings religious music which this brother wanted to see, but because he had it in his heart to please the Lord based on what he has learned from the doctrine, he asked the Lord to show him if he shouldn’t watch it, and within 10 seconds of him praying, the entire entertainment system of the airplane collapsed, thus he understood that God was confirming the intentions of his heart.

Testimony 2:
A sister testified that since she was a teenager, she dreamed about working at the United Nations in New York. Not long ago, she decided to finally apply to that job which receives 200 applications per day. This sister stated that she was obsessed about working there but the Lord told her through prophecy, ‘Not everything you want is good for you.” However, she was still determined to work at that place given the high salary. She was called for a second interview and she started to pray to God asking Him to give her the job. However, the Lord gave her visions wherein He showed her that as a result of working there, her life was in chaos. She was called for a third and final interview, and after the interview, she had a dream with Sister Maria Luisa in which she told her that she would not get the job because it wasn’t in her best interest. This gave her peace and she understood that God had something better for her.