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Testimonies from the Church in Bosa Centro, Bogota – March/April 2016

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Testimony 1: A brother testified that after he suffered an accident on his foot, the doctor told him that his foot needed to be amputated. God told the brother in prophecy to have and faith in Him and be patient. The brother trusted in the Lord and a few days later his foot was healed. The doctor who treated the brother was amazed and inquired about God; he now attends the Church because of this testimony.

Testimony 2: A sister testified that God restored her marriage and filled it with happiness and comprehension. She also testified that her feet were crooked and when she attended the Bible study, she prayed to the Lord during Sister Maria Luisa’s prayer. The sister shared that the next day when she went to put on her slippers, she realized that her feet were completely straight.

Testimony 3: A sister testified that her child suffered from leukemia and that the Lord told her in prophecy that the enemy wanted to harm her but that He would not allow it. The sister shared that before her son was admitted to the intensive care unit. The Lord performed a miracle and healed her son from leukemia. Therefore, she gives honor and glory to God.