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Testimonies During the First English Service in Broadway, New York – USA

Testimony 1:
A sister testified that God promised her had brought her to prepare for a new temple, which she did not understand as there were no indications of a new location at the time. Later on, He told her that He would prepare her for the English service and move her near the location. Two weeks before the inauguration of the new location in Broadway, the Lord baptized her with the Holy Spirit and she moved to a home near the new Church. In addition, shortly thereafter, she was notified that she could begin serving the Lord in the Church.


Testimony 2:
The Lord said to a sister that He would open services in English and she testified about the fulfillment of that promise.


Testimony 3:
God said to a brother many years ago, that He would change his marriage saying that one day his wife would be the one who would ask him to go to Church, which happened on the day of the first English service. This brother was also diagnosed with stage 4 cancer years ago, but the Lord promised Him that He would heal him using Sister Maria Luisa, which was fulfilled.


Testimony 4:
A sister testified that four and a half years ago, the Lord promised her a job which she received but her boss was someone who used to mistreat all employees. She decided to put in her resignation letter but God told her that day that He would not support that decision. She decided to obey the Lord and prayed for strength. Within three months, her boss part ways with the company but people as a result of her staying there, many people have asked her and attend Church since.


Testimony 5:
Six years before a brother started attending Church, he was battling a very deep depression. He had a family history of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. He attended many churches looking for an answer and one day he completely lost his sanity and thought he would have to be admitted to a mental health facility. He prayed to God saying that he wanted to know Him. On this day, he had a dream and when he came to Church the Lord promised through prophecy that God would change his life. Five years later, the Lord has received the baptism with the Holy Spirit and has been delivered from any mental health issues and the Lord has completely changed his life making all his dreams come true.