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Gallery and Testimonies of Visit to New Dheli Nov. 2014

On the last weekend in November, the Church of God Ministry of Jesus Christ International visited the brothers and sisters in New Delhi, in region called Sant Nagar. During the three days of gatherings, teaching services were inclusive of Hymns, Choruses, teachings, testimonies and the ministering of gifts such as prophecy and laying on of hands. Brother Mauricio Londoño traveled from Western Europe and headed the ministering of gifts.

Over the course of three days, more than 200 brothers and sisters gathered to take part in the services. On Thursday and on Friday, the services were held at a local school and on the last day, on Saturday, services were held in another part of the city. Overall, many people left the services joyful knowing that the Lord spoke to them.

Below are three brief testimonies shared during the services:

»  A brother testified that the Holy Spirit spoke to him in prophecy saying that he would have more work and a more spacious home. The brother testifies that he now has more work and recently moved to a more spacious home, whereas now he has a home with two bedrooms as opposed to before where he only had one.

»  A sister testified that she believes in the Lord but that her husband doesn’t believe in the same way. In the last gathering a couple of months ago, the sister invited her husband to the gathering to hear prophecy. And in the message, God told this person that he would give him a big blessing. A short time later, this family acquired a land and a company offered to construct on that land. This contract that this family received now consists of a profit of about US$200,000.

»  A sister testified that on her first visit to the Church of the Lord, God spoke to her and said that she would meet the love of her life. Several months later, the sister testified that this promise has been fulfilled. She is now married and very happy in this marriage.”

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