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Miracle That God Performed During Baptisms in Manizales, Colombia (March 9, 2019)

A sister had been in a wheelchair for 4 years, due to a demyelinating disease which affects the nerves, which leads to poor functioning of organs and muscles. She was no longer able to open her and could not walk, aside from the great pain the disease caused her. Her caregivers had to do everything for her: bathe her, dress her and feed her. This sister decided that she wanted to be water baptized at the Church of God Ministry of Jesus Christ International. On the day of baptisms, the brothers and sisters who were there saw how difficult it was for her to drink water and move on her own, as she felt fatigued and hot.

She could no longer her hands and they were completely closed due to her illness, and days earlier, a rheumatologist had told her that she would not be able to walk again, but this sister told her that she had a living God of power and that she would be able to walk again. Because of this answer, she was sent to a psychiatrist.

She and her mother live in a small town that is an hour away from the city where the baptisms ceremony was going to take place, called Manizales, Colombia. A brother from church gave them a ride to the ceremony and in spite of how hard it was to ride a car due to her pain, she was able to arrive at the place, where she was told that because of her health, they couldn’t submerge her underwater to be baptized. Still, regardless of the pain she was in, she wanted to be baptized like the rest of brothers and sisters. Therefore, they helped her get into the water in her wheelchair, and as she was baptized, she was able to open her hands again and she was even able to clap.

After this, she heard a voice inside of her saying that she had to stand up from her wheelchair and walk. She felt warm all over her body, stood up and then, began to walk on her own. She is now completely healed; may the glory be to God for this miracle He has performed in her.

The video shows the moment when she was baptized; the moment in which her hands are open and she is able to clap; the moment when she was able to walk again and sent a greeting to Sister Maria Luisa. In addition, the video shows her mother’s testimony.