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Photos: Bible Study in Berlin, Germany (September, 2015)

2 October, 2015 |

On September 21, 2015 a Bible study was held in Berlin, Germany, where brothers and sisters gathered from all church sites in Germany and other locations around Europe –including brethren from 16 different nationalities– to enjoy the visit of Sister … Read More

Photos: Bible Study in Copenhagen, Denmark (September, 2015)

28 September, 2015 |

Photos taken on September 18 during the Bible study held by Sister Maria Luisa Piraquive in Copenhagen, Denmark. Attendance was more than 400 brothers and sisters from church sites all throughout Europe. The Bible study was interpreted into Danish, … Read More

Second visit to the city of Fortaleza, Brazil (September 2015)

21 September, 2015 |

The Church visited the city of Fortaleza, Brazil for a second time on September 13th. A total of 50 people attended the service with 25 of these congregating for the first time.

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First Service held in the city of Portoviejo, Ecuador

14 September, 2015 |

In August 2015, the first teaching service was held in the city of Portoviejo, located in Ecuador’s Manabi province, in which a total of 62 brethren attended the service, thus partaking in this blessing.

Services will continue to be held … Read More

Photos: New site in Philippines

14 September, 2015 |

These are pictures of the new church site in Philippines. This is a brand new building, equipped with very modern technology, and it can accommodate up to 35 people, thus fulfilling a promise the Lord had made.

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Baptisms in water in San Andres (September 2015)

11 September, 2015 |

On September 5, baptisms in water were celebrated in San Andres Island in Colombia. 12 men and 23 women baptized, for a total of 35 brothers and sisters.

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