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Monthly Archives: October 2016

Testimony From The Church Site in Cali, Colombia – August 2016

27 October, 2016 |

A brother testified that God told him in prophecy to be very strong because the enemy wanted to haunt his life. God also told him that he would be really sick with an incurable disease, but that at that moment … Read More

Job 25, 26

24 October, 2016 |

Job 25, 26 Alicante, España 18 July 2016

Read More

Inauguration of the Church Site in Manzanares, Colombia – October 2016 (Photos)

18 October, 2016 |

The inauguration of the church site in Manzanares, Caldas (Colombia) was conducted on October 9, 2016, thus fulfilling a promise made eight years ago. The Holy Spirit told them that they would enjoy a large location where they would come … Read More

Church Visit to Haiti – September 2016 (Photos & Videos)

17 October, 2016 |

Photos From the Church Visit to Haiti on September, 2016 Testimonies From Attendees in Haiti

Testimony 1:

Transcription in French (English Below): Mon nom c’est Dorinville Céres, le frère Jimmy m’avait parlé de l’église qui allait venir en Haïti et … Read More

Baptisms in Connecticut, USA – October, 2016 (Photos)

17 October, 2016 |

Baptisms in water were celebrated in the state of Connecticut (USA) on October 8, 2016 as officiated by brother Alvaro Herrera, who was accompanied by brother Luis Garcia. During the ceremony, 74 brothers and sisters from various nationalities—including 3 American-born—were … Read More

Notice: Church in Islandia, Long Island, NY – US

13 October, 2016 |

Be advised that starting Sunday, October 16, 2106 services in Islandia, Long Island, NY will be temporarily suspended because the building where services were taking place will no longer be available.

Until a new location is secured, brothers and sisters … Read More