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Monthly Archives: August 2015

Baptisms in water – Neuchatel, Switzerland (August, 2015)

31 August, 2015 |

Baptisms in water were held in the city of Neuchatel, Switzerland on August 22, 2015. Sixty-five brothers and sisters of diverse nationalities partook in this wonderful blessing. Amongst them were native born Swiss, Moldovan, Brazilian, Ecuadorian, Colombian, Uruguayan and Bolivian … Read More

Baptism in Stockholm, Sweden (August, 2015)

31 August, 2015 |

Baptisms in water celebrated at the church of Stockholm, Sweden on Saturday August 15th of this year, which were presided over by brother Cesar Villegas.

Number of believers baptized: 16

Nationalities: Syria, Iraq, Norway, Sweden, Dominican Republic, Peru, Nicaragua. Brethren … Read More

Baptisms in Valencia, Spain (August, 2015)

31 August, 2015 |

See photos of the baptisms in water held in Valencia, Spain where 172 brother and sisters of over six nationalities were baptized. In addition, brethren from nearby church sites joined the ceremony. They came from various cities, such as Alicante, … Read More

Baptisms in water in Catalonia, Spain

31 August, 2015 |

On August 17, 2015, baptisms in water were celebrated in the autonomous community of Catalonia, Barcelona (Spain).

Brothers and sisters from various cities including Girona, Lleida, Tarragona, Sabadell and Barcelona, where the Church of God Ministry of Jesus Christ International … Read More

Baptisms in Rome, Italy (August, 2015)

31 August, 2015 |

Photos of the baptisms in water held in Rome, Italy. Brother Cesar Villegas presided over the ceremony where brothers and sisters of various nationalities – such as Italian, African (Eritrean), Uruguayan, Salvadorian, Nicaraguan and Cuban – were baptized.

Read More

Photos: Baptism in water – Madrid, Spain (August, 2015)

27 August, 2015 |

Baptisms in water were celebrated in Madrid, Spain this past August 22nd, where 336 brethren from more than 10 nationalities made this important decision. Among them, 40 brothers and sisters were born in Spain. In addition, many of these believers … Read More