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Water baptisms

Photos: Baptisms in water in Frankfurt, Germany — August, 2015

21 August, 2015 |

On August 15, we held baptisms in water in Frankfurt, Germany. The baptisms were officiated by Brother Mauricio Londoño, who visited from England.

Brethren from our churches in Stuttgart, Munich, Hamburg, Berlin, Paderborn, Heidelberg and Frankfurt baptized on that day. … Read More

Photos: Baptisms in Brussels, Belgium (August, 2015)

19 August, 2015 |

On August 16th, the baptisms in water were celebrated in Brussels, Belgium, where eleven brothers and sisters were baptized — all from different nationalities, including countries such as: Equatorial Guinea, Ecuador, Spain, and Colombia. ​​

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Baptisms in Paris, France – August, 2015

19 August, 2015 |

Photos of baptisms in water held in Paris on August 15, 2015, where 15 brothers and sisters were baptized – 3 of which are native French born.

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August, 2015: Baptisms in El Salvador and Guatemala

5 August, 2015 |

Brother Dario Falcon and Sister Beatriz Falcon visited the church sites in El Salvador and Guatemala to celebrate baptisms in water on July 25th and August 1st respectively.

The 28 brethren, who were baptized in El Salvador, came from the … Read More

Baptisms: Church in Chicago, Illinois – August 2015

5 August, 2015 |

On August 1st, 2015 the baptisms in water Chicago 2015 were celebrated. Brother Luis Garcia presided over the ceremony, where 23 believers, among whom there were people born in Rumania, Cameroon (Africa) and the United States, took the beautiful decision … Read More

Baptisms in Ecuador (2015)

23 March, 2015 |

The baptisms in water were celebrated in Ecuador between February 25 and March 16, 2015. In addition, several visits were made to the various locations around Ecuador.

Brother Dario Falcon and Brother Boris Caicedo were in charge of celebrating these … Read More