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Testimony from a Brother whom God healed from COVID-19 in North Bergen, New Jersey, USA – April 9, 2020

9 April, 2020 |

A brother testified that he began to present the common symptoms from coronavirus. Once these worsened, he went to the hospital where he was diagnosed with COVID-19. However, he trusted in both the prophecies he had received in the past where God said to him that He would protect him, as well as the more […]Read More

Testimony of a Person Healed from COVID-19 and Experience a Sister from the USA lived — April 1, 2020

3 April, 2020 |

A sister testified that God healed her, saying that she was praying for her bosses who are elderly people, and she contracted coronavirus from them. Her bosses followed a different religion than hers. Nevertheless, her boss called her to tell her that she had had a dream last Friday, where she saw a nurse who […]Read More

Testimony From a Brother of the Church Who Is a Physician and Contracted COVID-19 | CGMJCI

24 March, 2020 |

A brother of the Church—who is a neuroscience physician by profession—testified that the Holy Spirit said to him through prophecy that he would see His power and support. He was later diagnosed with coronavirus in addition to having asthma as an underlying condition. The COVID-19 disease started to worsen and his symptoms became more acute, […]Read More

Experience of a Brother of the Church in Stockholm, Sweden, Who Contracted Coronavirus

9 March, 2020 |

Message from Sister Maria Luisa: “God bless you. I share with you this testimony so that we may realize the danger we’re currently going through worldwide, but with the experience that God gave to this brother who contracted coronavirus, we learn that what we must do is trust in God, pray and ask Him to […]Read More

A Miracle From God in a Girl Born with Down Syndrome – La Colina, Bogota, Colombia – January de 2020

30 January, 2020 |

A sister testified that when she was pregnant with her daughter nine years ago, her daughter was diagnosed with Down Syndrome, but she prayed to God, and the Lord said to her in prophecy that the testimony of her little one would bring many souls to the Church and that it would be renowned worldwide. […]Read More

Testimony in Pensacola, Florida (USA)

17 December, 2019 |

A brother testified that God had promised to save his life. He works as an instructor a the Naval Air Station in Pensacola, Florida, where a shooting took place recently. God saved his life by preventing him from arriving at work as he normally does since the shooting took place precisely at the offices where […]Read More