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Testimony in Pensacola, Florida (USA)

17 December, 2019 |

A brother testified that God had promised to save his life. He works as an instructor a the Naval Air Station in Pensacola, Florida, where a shooting took place recently. God saved his life by preventing him from arriving at … Read More

Testimonies in Atlanta, Georgia, USA (August 2019)

13 August, 2019 |

Testimony 1: The Lord said to a brother who is a professional basketball player in the United States that He would not let his name be tarnished, and he stated that God has always protected him. He also testified that … Read More

Testimonies During the First English Service in Broadway, New York – USA

24 May, 2019 |

Testimony 1: A sister testified that God promised her had brought her to prepare for a new temple, which she did not understand as there were no indications of a new location at the time. Later on, He told her … Read More

Miracle That God Performed During Baptisms in Manizales, Colombia (March 9, 2019)

10 May, 2019 |

A sister had been in a wheelchair for 4 years, due to a demyelinating disease which affects the nerves, which leads to poor functioning of organs and muscles. She was no longer able to open her and could not walk, … Read More

Testimonies from Hialeah, Florida, USA (May, 2019)

6 May, 2019 |

God performed a miracle with an envelope full of money:

A sister at the English Service testified that she had problems paying her car and they were about to repossess her car. She prayed to the Lord and the Lord … Read More

Testimony in Shanghai, China (December 2018)

24 December, 2018 |

Before coming to Church, the brother had some difficulties for which he could not finish high school and felt very sad because he hadn’t been able to continue studying, nor attending college. On one occasion he went with a friend … Read More