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Inauguration new Temple in Manta, Ecuador

25 February, 2015 |

Last Wednesday, February the 11th, the new temple of the church at Manta, Ecuador, was inaugurated. Approximately 250 people attended the meeting. The new temple is located on avenue “Malecón” near seashore, and it has called the attention of … Read More

Grand Opening of the Puebla, Mexico Branch

28 December, 2014 |

The inauguration of the branch in Plaza America in Puebla city, Mexico, was celebrated on December 20th, 2014 with an approximate attendance of 430 brothers and sisters, as a result of the promises made by the Holy Spirit through Sister … Read More

Pictures: First Service in Amsterdam

28 December, 2014 |

A teaching service was conducted for the first time in Amsterdam on December 21st, at a place that is usually used to make jars, picture frame and other crafts, which was borrowed for the event.

Per the preacher in Amsterdam, … Read More

Inauguration of the new location in Keflavík, Iceland

18 November, 2014 |

On November 16th, another milestone was achieved in the Church as a new location was inaugurated in Keflavík, Iceland. For many brothers and sisters in the region, this new blessing is joined along with a sense of relief.

Before the inauguration … Read More

First Service in Temuco, Chile

6 October, 2014 |

On September 27th, the first teaching service was conducted in Temuco, IX, a region in South Chile. Brothers from Denmark, Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia attended the services, as well as brothers and sisters from regions such as Curacautin, Concepcion and Temuco. … Read More

Inauguration Church in Cruz, Nariño – Colombia

3 October, 2014 |

September 28th, 2014

[flickr_set id=”72157648548545775″]Read More